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Once again, we have devised a walks programme, based on our extensive knowledge of the island and its weather patterns to provide you with the best walking experience. We will be walking in the four different areas over a four week period i.e a cycle of 16 walks (four a week Sat/Mon/Wed/Thurs), but experience has taught us to use the walk best suited to the conditions on the day, so the order of the walks in the week may well change. This year we have some absolutely stunning new walks which we know you will enjoy.

Week One. Begins Fridays-November 17th January 19th. February 16th.

WeekTwo. Begins Fridays–November24th.  January 26th..and February 23rd.

Week Three. Begins Fridays-December 1st. February 2nd.March 2nd.

Week Four.Begins Fridays-December 8th. February 9th.March 9th.

Beach view Anaga mountains:
Be prepared for surprise. Expect stunning views. Walk along quiet paths, decked with flowers like the Canarian Bell which hides its beauty in shade and under leaves. Bird lovers might see the splendid kestrel or the tiny pippet.

Teide National Park:
The nearest you will come to “walking on the moon". Walk around at 7,000 feet. Expect to be overawed by the spectacle; size, shape and colour of the rocks.

Teno mountains:

After a very scenic coastal journey you will arrive in the Teno mountains. This is the land of ghostly hamlets, volcanic tubes, broad ridges and breathtaking views.

Orotava Valley:
A beautiful alpine/Silva-laurel forest area with superb views from
4,000 feet down to the coast. Now extensively  replanted due
to the damage of a hurricane a few years ago.

Week One. We use the walk best suited to the conditions on the day, so the order of the walks in the week may well change.


Saturday-The North-West coastal Walk.

This is a delightful coastal path with views eastwards towards the Anaga mountains and inland, the Teno mountains towering above us. We pass a faro, a whale, some salt pans and a factory where sugar is produced from bananas. 4 hrs

Monday- Teide National Park.

From the Observatory we take a level track high above the Orotava pine forest with extensive views towards La Palma and later down to the coast. We descend steadily through the pine forest to finish at the highest village in the Orotava for refreshment. 4.5hrs.

Wednesday- Camino de la Costa-Anaga Mtns.

This is an ancient route used for taking livestock  to the coast to eat essential nutrients. So we follow an easy gradient which takes us up to the ridge giving splendid views the coast before traversing two barrancos and then descending to the holiday village of Bajamar with its two enormous sea-water swimming pools and cake shop. 4hrs.

Thursday-The Broken Forest.

High Orotava valley.

A fine walk through the pine forest partly replanted with low-growing shrubs after a hurricane devastated the area five years ago, allowing fine views down to the coast. We visit two gallerias which supply most of our drinking water and the Trout farm at Aguamensa. We finish by a small caldera  and mountain café. 4.5 hrs.

                                                     Week Two

Saturday –Teide National Park. Gazing at the Stars

We begin our walk in the clear dusk of evening and watch the stars and planets light up. An open-air planetarium in the heart of the National park with Mt.Teide towering above on one side. A much-needed hot drink before we drive back down to Puerto. 4 hrs.

  Monday -Lavas and Canals-Teno Mtns.

From the Chinyero monument, high up in the Santiago valley, we make our way to the canal carrying water all the way to the South of the island. Impressive views of La Palma before continuing to the heart of the Chinyero volcano (1909). We then make our way to an older volcano-Garrachico(1704) climbing over the massive lava steam to finish at the Arena Negras recreational area. Drinks nearby. 4.30 hrs.

WednesdayEl Palmar to Masca-Teno Mountains.

From the so-called “valley of the wheat” we take an agricultural track which then climbs up the Tabaiba Pass. Superb view of La Gomera and the Teno Alta range. Now we walk along the broad ridge before descending to the idyllic village of Masca. 4hrs.

Thursday Anaga Mtns. Village of the Caves.

A favourite. We walk an undulating path, past terraced plots and the many cave dwellings along the route with the mountain ridge above and the sea below before finishing in the village of the caves and an impressive viewpoint above the coast.drinks in the cave.4 hrs.


                         Week Three

Saturday- Down to the sea. Anaga Mtns.

We begin from a point overlooking the Mercedes valley and then a view of Santa Cruz (where Nelson lost his arm).We are soon in a delightful semi-tropical zone before descending towards the coast. 4hrs. We then coach to the Golden Sands beach for a paddle/swim/sandcastle build and drink.

Monday-Under the Organos.High Orotava Valley.

From Aguamensa we visit the “Father” pine tree en route up the Candalaria trail to view the  Organ pipe rocks before descending to the main galleria feeding the Trout farm at Aguamensa. We lunch by the Cauldron (La Caldera) before joining the GR131 track.Then a steady descent takes us through a number of terraced plots and on to see the mouflon, camels and ponies atMiguel’s café in Aguamensa.

Wednesday-Teno Alta - The Land of Cheese and Honey
 A steady  traverse with dramatic views of La Gomera takes us up to the Teno plateau. We then circle around the plateau to reveal     dramatic views of the north - western coast  before visiting the hamlet of Teno Alta, where, naturally, goat cheese and honey is for sale.  A short detour gives us a dramatic views eastward along the coast.4.5 hrs.

Thursday -.The Canadas-Coral des Ninos to El Portillo.

From high up on the central ridge we descend gradually through a little-known area of the Canadas to approach the southern ridge above the plateau. Here we have extensive views along the whole of the Canadas area before descending to El Portillo and the cafe.4.5hrs.

        Week Four

Saturday-Teno.Monument to Aguayo.

From the monument, where the Chinyero volcano lava flow halted, we make our way up to the canal, with fine views en route of la Gomera and La Palma. Wev then follow the canal before taking a track through the pine forest down to the village with its wine press and monument to the “potty ladies” of the 17th-19th.centuries. Visit to the Pottery museum.4hrs.

Monday- Teide.The Fortress rock.

This is an undulating walk at 6,500ft.towards the north coast, with a fine view of Mt. Teide and the “eggs” on Mtna. Blanca. Sweeping views of the coast all the way to the Teno mountains. We visit the visitors’ center and gardens at El Portillo.Cafe 4hrs.

Wednesday Teno Mountains.

El Palmar-Masca.

From the delightful “valley of the wheat” we pass by the many terraced plots to head towards the Tabaiba pass. Here impressive views down to both the northern and western coasts and La Gomera. We then walk along the ridge track steadily down to the idylic village of Masca. 4.5hrs.

Thursday – .

Mapais de Guimar.

Something different; a coastal walk on the south side of the island giving extensive views of the Teide mountain range and along the coast. Interesting mix of coastal plant life. Opportunity for a swim or paddle  at the seaside resort or enjoy an ice cream. 4hrs.



Please note:

  • We reserve the right to change the programme, for your safety,comfort and enjoyment.


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