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KWA Walks Programme


Once again, we have devised a walks programme, based on our extensive knowledge of the island and its weather patterns to provide you with the best walking experience. We will be walking in the four different areas over a three week period, i.e. a cycle of 12 walks (four a week Sat/Mon/Wed/Thurs), but experience has taught us to use the walk best suited to the conditions on the day, so the order of the walks in the week may well change. This year we have some absolutely stunning new walks which we know you will enjoy.

Week One

Friday 22nd.November.

Friday 17th.January. FULL

Friday 7th.February.


Friday 29th.November

Friday 24th.January

Friday 21st.February

Week Three

Friday 7th.December.

Friday 31st.January.

Friday 28th.February.

West Africa

Anaga mountains:

Be prepared for surprise. Expect stunning views. Walk along quiet paths, decked with flowers like the Canarian Bell which hides its beauty in shade and under leaves. Bird lovers might see the splendid kestrel or the tiny pippet.

Teide National Park:

The nearest you will come to “walking on the moon”. Walk around at 7,000 feet. Expect to be overawed by the spectacle; size, shape and colour of the rocks.

Teno mountains:

After a very scenic coastal journey you will arrive in the Teno mountains. This is the land of ghostly hamlets, volcanic tubes, broad ridges and breathtaking views.

Orotava Valley:

A beautiful alpine/Silva-laurel forest area with superb views from 4,000 feet down to the coast. Now extensively replanted due to the damage of a hurricane a few years ago

Week One.

We use the walk best suited to the conditions on the day, so the order of the walks in the week may well change, or another may be substituted.

The Broken Forest-High Orotava Valley.

A fine walk through the pine forest, partly replanted with low-growing shrubs after a hurricane devasted the area eight years ago. Splendid views down to the coast. We visit two gallerias which supply most of  the north coast’s water supply and walk a pleasant section of GR.131. We then descend on an easy track to finish by a small cauldron and the café. 4.5hrs.

 Pino Loro. Teno Mountains.

We begin high up soon overlooking the Santiago valley with extensive views of the open countryside, before reaching the canal that supplies water to the south of the island. With views of many extinct volcanoes and the lava stream from the Chinyero volcano we continue along the canal before descending towards an abandoned hamlet and the village of Los Llanos. Drinks at El Tanque. 4.5hrs.

Village of the Caves- El Batan-Village of the Caves. Anaga Mountains.

On a ridge, overlooking the coastal plain, we follow a wide path along the side of an enormous valley. Expect to meet Canarian sheep, goats and terraces growing potatoes. A traverse into the next valley, leads us past Guanche caves, small-holdings and a variety of shrubs and trees before we reach Chinemada and panoramic viewpoint. 4.5 hrs.

In the heart of the Canadas-Teide National Park.

We begin at 7,000ft. under the cable car on Mt. Teide, following a wide, levelish track, with amazing views of this Heritage site; unique in the Canaries. Around us-a variety of rock structures, plants and the centre of a WW1 spy story! Time also for a visit to the rocks of Garcia and the Finger of God! Drinks at the Parador café.

Week Two

Erjos to Masca.Teno mountains.

From Erjos we pass some ponds with various water fowl before climbing up to the ridge overlooking the Santiago valley. Wonderful views of the coast and La Gomera. We then follow the ridge to look at an “era” before continuing with the El Palmar valley on one side and the Masca valley on t’other. (Look out for ravens and kestral). We then descend to above the idyllic village of Masca. 4.5hrs.

In the heart of the Anagas.

From the charming village of Los Carboneras we cross the valley, through the silva-laurel forest, to admire the massive volcanic plug that stands outside of the village of Taborno. We then descend into the Afur valley, passing a few cave dwellings, to the pretty village of Afur. 4.5 hrs. Café .

Bananas-Forest- Potatoes. Teno mountains.

We climb an old trail and pause by an abandoned hamlet with extensive views down to the coast before entering the silva-laurel forest. We then traverse to the next valley with fine views of the ridge that divides the north from the west coast before descending to the  agriculturally-rich village of El Palmar. 4.5hrs. Café at Buenavista

From the Sunny Sky into the  Dark-green forest.Teide Ridge Walk

A superb high -level walk beneath the Observatory at 6,500ft. gives us outstanding views over the whole of the Orotava valley forest and northern coastline. After a diversion to the viewpoint on an extinct volcano, we descend into the Pine forest to reach the highest “galleria” in the Orotava  valley. 4.5hrs. Drinks at Migels.

Week Three

To the Coast, Anaga style.

From the Jardina Mirador with its splendid views of the Mercedes valley, Mt.Teide and both the south and north coasts we descend slowly through an amazing variety of trees- eucalyptus, pine and Heather;plants-aguave, prickly-pear, Jasmine, euphorbias,  towards the Tahodio dam. Here, the result of global warming becomes evident. At walks end we detour to the glorious Golden Sands beach for an optional swim, and a drink. 4 hrs.

Teno Alta. Teno mountains

From the highest point in the El Palmar valley, with superb views of La Gomera to the west, we traverse the Baracan mountain up to the high plateau. Here the limstone-looking rocks contrast with the coastline far below. We pass goat farms and a variety of flora  before a drink in the village and then on to a birds-eye view of the Palmar valley. 4.5 hrs.

La Caldera.High Orotava Valley.

We start our walk on the GR.131 before beginning the climb up the Candalaria  (pilgrim)Trail through the giant heather-laurel and eucalyptus trees to reach a mountain hut. On the descent  we visit one of the “gallerias” (long lava tubes) from where the

The Castle Rock.Teide National Park.

We begin our journey in the heart of the Canadas(high plateau at 7,000ft.) on an undulating track with   Mt. Teide (12,000ft.)towering above us. An amazing variety of multi-coloured rocks and bushes surround us. A few birds, such as the rock pippet, the great grey shrike and various warblers may be seen. We lunch by the Castle rock with stupendous views down to the coast. We then head towards the fascinating Plant garden and Visitors’ centre at El Portillo.4hrs.

Please note:

We reserve the right to change the programme, for your safety,comfort and enjoyment.